Architecture: Wilk-Salinas Architekten, Luis Salinas
Landscape architect: Fugmann Janotta Partner
Image rights: Wilk Salinas Architekten, XOIO, To Touch

The Liesen Bridges project in Berlin-Centre includes the renovation and conversion of the large and small Liesen Bridges and the construction of a new building on the adjacent Scheringstrasse 2.

The smaller of the two historic arched bridges is to be repaired and expanded into a publicly accessible pedestrian connection to the Humboldthain People's Park. The plan is to extend this green connection to the park at the Northern Railway Station in a northerly direction and to create the first building block of a green space connection to the Humboldthain People's Park.
The large Liesen Bridge, also a listed steel structure from 1896, is to be made available for public use. It is to be transformed into a multi-functional venue with around 2,000 square metres of space (gross floor area). The striking, existing steel structure must remain visible at all costs.

A new hotel building with about 340 rooms and a connection to the large Liesen Bridge venue is to be built on the adjacent property at Scheringstrasse 2. The plan is to make the new building accessible from Gartenstrasse/Scheringstrasse as well as directly from the park.

Scheringstr. 2,
1355 Berlin
Office, hotel &
event space
approximately 17,490 m² gross floor areaF
approximately 50 million €


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